Nominations for ASCI Council, 2022

The Society seeks nominations for the following ASCI Council vacancies arising in 2022 (all terms begin and end in the spring):

  • Vice President (4-year term, 2022-2026),
  • Secretary-Treasurer Elect (3-year term, 2022-2025; first year is Councilor position, transitioning to Secretary-Treasurer for years 2 and 3), and
  • a Councilor position (3-year term, 2022-2025).

Members who will be 55 or younger in 2025 are eligible for nomination (self-nominations are not permitted). The Society strongly encourages members to consider diversity in identifying those suitable for nomination. Nominations may be submitted by any member and must be submitted by February 3, 2022, at 11:59 PM EST.

All Council members are expected to support the activities of and attend the ASCI annual meeting, and to participate in the general governance of the Society, including two in-person meetings (fall and spring, with the spring meeting occurring as part of the annual meeting) and conference calls (typically every other month). All Council members participate in the review of membership nominations.

The Vice President transitions to President-Elect in year 2, President in year 3, and Immediate Past President in year 4. For the 2nd through 4th years of this position, this member is expected to participate significantly in matters related to the annual meeting. In the Presidential year (year 3), the member convenes a face-to-face Council meeting and oversees related review processes for nominations, notably including those to membership. The President works closely with the Association of American Physicians to create the annual meeting program and presents the traditional Presidential Address at the meeting.

The Council is supported by an Executive Director, Managing Director, and other staff members who oversee the day-to-day operations of the Society and effect initiatives as directed by the Council. For details on Officers and Councilors, see the ASCI Bylaws.

The nominator is responsible for providing the following through her/his member account:

  • a 250-word summary of the nominee’s accomplishments
  • the nominee’s NIH-style brief biosketch (PDF)
  • the vacancy for which the nominee wishes to be considered

The nominee is responsible for providing a 250-word candidate statement, written in first person, for consideration by the Council and for use as the ballot statement if the nominee is selected as a candidate. The nominee must provide the statement by email to by the deadline noted above. (Nominees may refer to candidate statements for the 2021 nomination cycle for guidance in drafting their own statements.)