The ASCI Council Young Physician-Scientist Awards (YPSA) recognize physician-scientists who are early in their first faculty appointment and have made notable achievements in their research. With these awards, the ASCI seeks to encourage and inspire early-career physician-scientists through participation in the AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting, and virtual community activities throughout the year.

These awards recognize up to 50 physician-scientists annually who are within 1-5 years of their first faculty appointment and have made notable achievements in their research. 

Nominations are now open for the 2024 YPSAs. Click here for more information.

An eligible YPSA nominee:

  • has an MD or equivalent degree
  • possesses a K08 or equivalent Career Development Award
  • is within 1-5 years of their first faculty appointment (this timeframe is flexible, taking into account extenuating circumstances)
  • does not yet have an R01 or equivalent award (though one may have a favorable score on an R01 or equivalent, just no NOA at the time of nomination) – DP5 recipients are not excluded

The typical YPSA recipient:

  • demonstrates consistent productivity through first and/or last author publications that have built an exciting body of work
  • has extramural grants and awards, including NIH K08 or equivalent career awards
  • is active in and beyond their academic communities, and have demonstrated leadership and collaboration within their specialty and the greater scientific community

Early-Career Award Nomination Process:

  • Early-Career Award Nomination cycles typically begin in late summer/early fall annually.
  • YPSAs are nominated by an ASCI member – this individual does not have to be from the nominee’s institution. The searchable ASCI Directory is linked here (one may search by institution, specialty, etc.).

Award Benefits include:

  • Complementary Registration to the AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting
  • A $500 honorarium meant to offset the travel expenses associated with the Joint Meeting
  • Access to 2 years of Early-Career Award programming detailed here:

Joint Meeting In-Person Programming and Events

In addition to AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting program access, Early-Career Awardees are invited to participate in the following activities at the Joint Meeting:

  • Leadership Development Workshop on Networking led by Rangaraj Ramanujam, PhD, Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management
  • Early-Career Award Reception
  • Small Group Dinners (multidisciplinary/multi-career stage/multi-institution groups)
  • ASCI Dinner and New Member Induction Ceremony
  • Food & Science Evening – awardees may present a poster during this celebration of the intersection of fine cuisine and science

Virtual Programming

  • ASCI Committee Consulting Membership – 2-year commitment, limited availability
  • Virtual Leadership Development Workshops led by Rangaraj Ramanujam, PhD, Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management
  • Focus Groups to inform the direction of early-career programming
  • Physician-Scientist Pathway Series – exemplary ASCI members engage in informal discussion about the personal and scientific experiences that got them to where they are today
  • Scientific Sessions – a monthly spotlight on distinguished investigators and their contributions to the field of biomedical research
  • Virtual Poster Sessions with fellow awardees and ASCI members
  • Summer Discussion Series with a panel of ASCI members experienced in relevant to topics such as “Insights on Funding,” “Publishing,” and “Running a Research Program”
  • Peer Review Groups to discuss with and advise peers on upcoming grant and publication submissions
  • Presidential Office Hours with past, present, and future ASCI Presidents, during which they answer questions about the physician-scientist career path


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