Voters approve bylaws amendments regarding membership nominations and other items

A ballot was issued to Active voters on July 12, 2021, that proposed the following changes to the organization’s bylaws:

“Article II – Objectives”: remove outdated description of the Society’s publications, “… for national and international distribution, on subscription at prices not in excess of calculated expenses and needs, …”

“Article III – Membership, Section 2, Membership nomination and election”:

  1. Increase the annual limit for Active and Foreign Associate candidates recommended for election, from 80 to 100.
  2. Re-establish the Honorary membership nomination category as distinct from the Active and Foreign Associate category, with an annual limit of 10 for election via a distinct ballot item.
  3. Allow Foreign Associate members to vote on membership recommendations.
  4. Allow Emeritus and Honorary members to serve as proposers and seconders of membership nominations.

Rename “Foreign Associate” members to “International” throughout the bylaws.

By the July 19, 2021, deadline, 44.7% of eligible voters responded, reaching the minimum 40% participation rate required for ballot items regarding bylaws amendments. For each proposed amendment, the percentage of voters who responded favorably was over the 75% threshold required to approve amendments.

Following the bylaw’s Ballot Review Committee section, these results were received, reviewed, and verified by Priscilla Hsue (2021-2023 ASCI Secretary-Treasurer) and two Active members identified by random selection from ballots submitted and who agreed to audit the results. Thank you to Joseph R. Arron, MD, PhD (Genentech) and Ravi Thadhani, MD, MPH (Mass General Brigham) for their service.