Nominations for 2019 membership

Nominations for 2019 membership may be submitted through September 10, 2018. Proposers and supporters of nominations should review the Membership Nomination Guide carefully. Questions regarding nominations should be sent by email to

Note to submitters: The ASCI sends acknowledgment of submissions by email after they have been reviewed and found to be complete. Submitters can check the status of their submissions (nominations and support forms) online by accessing their member accounts.

Submitting nominations

To ensure proper tracking of nominations, all information and documents must be supplied online.
  • First, access your member account
  • After you have logged in to your account, select the “Nominations” tab, then search the nominee database. Links will appear in search results to guide you in the next steps.
  • Your nominee may already be in the ASCI database because the nominee was previously nominated or because a nomination or support form has been started for the nominee for this nomination cycle.

Proposers: Once you have supplied the requested information about your nominee (name, contact information, etc.), you will be able to upload required documents. You will also be able to add Seconder and General Supporter information to the nomination, although supporters will need to supply their comments via their own member accounts.

Seconder and General Supporters: Forms may be drafted and submitted online after selecting the applicable nominee from search results or after adding requested information about the nominee you are supporting. (NOTE: General Supporters who are not ASCI members may complete the nomination support template and email it to for handling. Please indicate clearly your contact information and the name and institution of the nominee you are supporting.)

Further clarification

  • Age criterion for Active and Foreign Associate nominees. Nominees in these categories must be age 50 or younger as of January 1, 2019.
  • Exceptions to the age criterion cannot be made. Although the ASCI Council understands that a nominee’s progress may have been delayed because of unavoidable or extreme circumstances, the Council has on multiple occasions discussed exceptions and concluded from each discussion that no policy could be implemented fairly and durably.
  • Limit on number of nominations per nominee. The number of nominations per nominee is limited to 3, provided the nominee is age 50 as of January 1, 2019.
  • Limit on number of nominations proposed, seconded, or supported. There is no limit to the number of nominations a member may propose or support (either as Seconder or General Supporter).
  • Ph.D.-only candidates. Active and Foreign Associate nominations are, per the ASCI’s bylaws, restricted to physicians.
  • M.D.-equivalent candidates are eligible for nomination.
  • Faculty appointment versus nominee’s country of residence. The distinction between Active and Foreign Associate nominations is made on the basis of residence, not faculty appointment. Active nominees must reside in the U.S. or Canada. Candidates residing elsewhere should be nominated in the Foreign Associate category.