Call for nominations, 2021 Seldin~Smith Award

The ASCI is pleased to call for nominations for the 2021 Donald Seldin~Holly Smith Award for Pioneering Research. The Award seeks to recognize and connect the next generation of physician-scientist leaders with the legacies of two of the ASCI’s most esteemed members, Drs. Donald W. Seldin and Lloyd H. “Holly” Smith Jr.

For the Award, the ASCI seeks nominations of outstanding physician-scientists who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and accomplishments in biomedical research. The ideal nominee:

  • is an early-stage, clinically active physician-scientist addressing fundamental questions that relate to human health and disease, and
  • shows great promise in biomedicine.

The recipient of the Seldin~Smith Award will receive an unrestricted grant of $30,000 to advance academic efforts. S/he will be recognized at the 2021 AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting, deliver a research talk at the 2022 Joint Meeting, and receive mentoring from the members of the Seldin~Smith Award Selection Committee and Advisory Committee.


  • MD (or the equivalent) or MD/PhD;
  • The candidate must be more than 2 years but not more than 6 years from first faculty (or the equivalent) appointment at the time of acceptance in April 2021;
  • The candidate spends substantial time in research while providing direct patient care.

This competition is not restricted to any geographic location.

Note that while those who are already ASCI members may be nominated (provided they meet the preceding eligibility criteria), we encourage nominations of those who are not yet members, in order to best represent the promise of early-stage physician-scientists that this award is intended to recognize.


Physician-scientists should apply directly by sending nominations by email attachments to

  • Completed nomination form, including:
    • a summary of the nominee’s research (not to exceed 100 words)
    • a description of the nominee’s most significant achievement (not to exceed 500 words).
    • a list of the nominee’s three most significant publications and a short statement describing the significance of each publication (not to exceed 100 words each).
    • Nominee’s agreement, if chosen as the recipient, to attend the 2021 AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting (April 9-11) and the 2022 AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting (April 8-10).
  • PDFs of the nominee’s three most significant publications as listed in the nomination form.
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae (PDF). Include only educational background, major awards, and peer-reviewed publications (do not include abstracts, grants, or meeting presentations).
  • No more than two letters of support (as PDFs), one from the nominee’s primary mentor, the other ideally from an individual who is a recognized expert on the subject of the nominee’s research.

Notable dates and selection process

  • Nomination deadline: January 15, 2021.
  • Recipient will be notified in February 2021.
  • Recipient will be recognized at the 2021 AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting, April 9-11.
  • Recipient will deliver a research talk at the 2022 AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting, April 8-10.

The Seldin~Smith Award Selection Committee reviews nominations and selects finalists for further consideration by the Seldin~Smith Award Advisory Committee.

About the ASCI

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