Photo of Dr. Emily Wang

The American Society for Clinical Investigation is proud to present the ASCI Scientific Sessions: a monthly spotlight on distinguished investigators and their contributions to biomedical research. The Scientific Sessions are free and open to all, with a goal to create a space for our community, beyond the ASCI’s annual meeting, to gather and celebrate discovery.

Emily Wang, MD, MAS, is Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Yale School of Medicine, and Director of the SEICHE Center for Health and Justice, a collaboration between the Yale School of Medicine and Yale Law School working to stimulate community transformation and improve the health of individuals and communities impacted by mass incarceration.

Dr. Wang leads the Health Justice Lab research program, which investigates how incarceration influences chronic health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and opioid use disorder, and studies interventions which prevent and mitigate the impacts of incarceration. As an internist, she has cared for thousands of individuals with a history of incarceration and is co-founder of the Transitions Clinic Network, a consortium of 48 community health centers nationwide.

Dr. Wang serves on the Board of the Committee on Law and Justice of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine and the World Health Organization Health in Prisons Programme. She was inducted into the American Society of Clinical Investigation (2021) and the National Academies of Medicine (2023) and was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship (2022).

This session was moderated by Susan Cheng, MD, MMSc, MPH, ASCI Councilor, the Erika J. Glazer Chair in Women’s Cardiovascular Health and Population Science, and Director of Public Health Research in the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai. A recipient of many awards for her work in elucidating the drivers of cardiovascular aging in women and men, Dr. Cheng was elected to the ASCI in 2021.